Sista is a feminist organisation based in Vanuatu.

We use arts, media and communications to empower women and girls, raise awareness and advocate on issues that affect them.

Our Projects

At Sista, our work focuses on building meaningful relationships with our partners to facilitate change through arts, media and communications to empower the women of Vanuatu. We integrate learning, capacity building and collective care in our work, and believe the process is just as important as the outcome.

Our work challenges the underlying causes of violence, discrimination and inequality through long term advocacy and development programs. We use a combination of creative and traditional approaches from using social media to generate discussions on gender equality, holding fashion shoots to celebrate culture and body positivity, facilitating workshops to support young women’s leadership, to promoting legislative reform towards the realization of women’s rights and developing advocacy campaigns to end gender based violence.

We understand that for women and girls to be empowered and have equal standing in society, we need to address knowledge gaps, shift attitudes, encourage new behaviours and evolve social norms.

Discover more about our work below.

The Round Table Podcast

Strong Mama

Rod Blong Jenis

Sista Fashion Show

The Hub

The hub is a platform where you can find information about gender-related news, sports,  wellbeing and self care, social issues, career advice and so much more. Get inspired and be informed!



FEMINIST: Wan we hemi sapotem ol semak raet blong ol man mo woman mo hemi sapotem ol wokbaot blong leftemap ol raet blong ol woman.

In this space you will discover who is working to progress gender equality in Vanuatu and the key initiatives and projects that contribute to building the women’s movement.

Learn more about Vanuatu’s commitments to gender equality and what we can do together to build happy families, strong communities and a resilient Vanuatu by promoting women’s rights.

Sista Gat Style

Sista Gat Style provides a playful but powerful platform for Ni-Vanuatu women from all walks of life to be visible, heard and celebrated. Through fashion, Sista has been able to generate discussions on self care, gender norms, body positivity and women’s leadership while promoting ongoing visibility of strong, diverse women in our society. It has also been a conduit to celebrate Ni-Vanuatu culture through handicrafts and jewelry.

The fashion feature is a monthly collaboration between Sista and the Vanuatu Daily Post and is published every month in the Life and Style magazine. Nicky Kuautonga is the renowned local photographer behind most of these photos.


The Roundtable is a platform for young Pacific women navigating modern life in the islands and lifts the veil on unspoken topics. Bringing in a new guest every episode, Sharon and Umi ask the questions you’ve always wanted to ask. Join the conversation and gain insight on topics ranging from personal identity and body image, to family duties and relationships, and everything in-between! This project is supported by the We Rise Coalition and The Pacific Media Assistance Scheme (PACMAS).

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