Sapos yu stap laekem blong putum lipstik, hemia sam gudfala advaes evri gel i nid blong save. Sam gel i save putum lipstik i isi mo samtaem sam gel i finem i had blo putum gud. Wan samting yu nid blo save sapos yu wantem luk gud taem yu werem lipstik, yu nid blo ridim ol gudfala advaes long hao blo putum lipstik. Yu save pem lipstik blong ol Chinese store. Mifala karem lipstik blong New Look lo 80vt mo Eric Wong store lo 100vt.


  1. When buying lipstick, make sure you check the ingredients. Some lipsticks, particularly cheaper brands, contain a lot of chemicals. You need to be careful especially if you have sensitive skin or allergies.
  2. If you’re trying a sample at a store, avoid applying it directly on your lips as germs can be transferred. Prevent cross contimination by applying a few of your favorite colors on your wrist. This way you’ll also be able to tell which color suits your skin tone.
  3. REMEMBER – dark colors makes your lips looks smaller, while natural & lighter colors makes your lips looks big and pouty.
  4. For a glossy look, apply a tiny bit of clear lip gloss after applying lipstick. This looks great when you’re ready for a night out with the girls!
  5. Look for lipsticks that are long lasting and have a moisturizing topcoat as the wrong lipstick can dry out your lips.
  6. Lipstick lasts longer if you store it in a cool dry place. This can be difficult in Vanuatu because it’s so hot – store it in the fridge if you have to.
  7. Tired of using the same colours? Then create your own unique shade by combining colours together. You can blend them on a palette or on your lips with a cotton bud or lip brush.


  8. For a longer lasting lipstick, use a lip primer before applying your lipstick. If you can’t find them at the pharmacy, then use a lip liner. Choose a colour that matches your lipstick. Colour in your lips, then apply the lipstick – this will keep the lipstick in place and help it last longer.
  9. Take care of your lips daily with lip balm or lip moisturizer. If you’re looking for something more natural and affordable, then just put coconut oil on your lips. Drinking water also keeps your lips looking healthy and plump. If your lips are are dry, cracked or damage, it’s going to be difficult for lipstick to last long because it will just flake off and look messy.
  10. You can wear whatever type of lipstick shade you think is best for you. Just make sure it not only suits your skin tone, but also the outfit you’re wearing. Always double check yourself in the mirror before leaving the house!

Be happy with the choice you pick – this means having the confidence to trust your own instincts. If you know your face and your style, you will know what colour suits you!

By Anna Victoria Abbock

Anna Victoria Abbock is a mother of two. She gets her exotic looks from her Vietnamese, French and Nguna mother and Paama father. Anna is studying a diploma in wedding planning and loves her makeup and shoes.