A mother of two has given away her one of her children, a 10-month-old baby girl named Caroline Peter, to Pikinini Playtime Business Manager, Tony Batten.

According to Mr. Batten, the child suffers from a heart condition and the family decided to give their daughter away because they believe she would receive better care elsewhere.

The Pikinini Playtime Manager explained that he attempted to assist the family financially in caring for the infant, but they simply wanted the child gone. Uncared for, and now unburdened from her biological mother, baby Caroline was graciously accepted by the Batten family who have begun to care for her for close to three months now.

“She was happy and didn’t even cry for her mother when she’s with me,” Mr. Batten said.

The Pikinini Playtime Manager added that he just wants what’s best for the baby and for her have a normal life like the rest of the kids and he also wants her to feel loved despite her mother’s choices.

An unwanted child in Vanuatu is almost unheard of, coming from a country with strong customary values and traditional ties, however, according to the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Malvatumauri Council of Chiefs, Jean Pierre Tom, the Tannese mother made a hard decision and had the infant’s best interest at heart.

“She just wants a better future for her child,” the CEO of the National Council of Chiefs explained.

Despite the child being neglected by a few family members first, before being passed over to the Batten family, CEO Tom said the only thing that matters is that she is now being cared for.