For the first time, Vanuatu is seeing a total of 11 female candidates contesting in the 2017 four Provincial Elections.

The 11 female candidates are running in three Provinces of Penama, Shefa and Tafea while there is no female candidate contesting in Malampa Province.

A Women’s Advocacy Group, providing a voluntary coalition role in Vanuatu, told the Daily Post that they are pleased to note such a large number of women politicians contesting in the provincial elections for the first time in Vanuatu’s history.

Because of the electoral elections rule that ban political campaigns after midnight last night, the Women’s Advocacy Group say they cannot disclose which political parties the 11 female candidates are contesting their tickets, but simply state their appreciation to witness such a large number of female politicians contesting the provincial elections.

The Group said it is always healthy when both male and female participate at the highest political level decision making processes of the nation. They added that it is up to the population to choose a male or female candidate but they all they wish to express that this is the number highest number of female coming on the political scene. READ MORE