L-r: Roger Jelpau (Clinical Nursing Supervisor), Radhica Rao (Treasurer – IWG), Pascal Vuti (Human Resource Assistant), and Giovanna Soldateschi (President – IWG).

Responding to an appeal by Dr Vincent Atua, Medical Superintendent of Vila Central Hospital (VCH), the Vanuatu International Women’s Group (IWG) has generously donated 210 blankets to alleviate the chilly conditions faced by patients in the Medical Ward.

The call for blankets, as published in the Vanuatu Daily Post, prompted a swift and compassionate response from the IWG. Dr Atua had reached out to the public, urging for blanket donations to provide comfort during the current cold weather.

“Speaking on behalf of the patients at the Vila Central Hospital, I extend my profound appreciation to the International Women’s Group for their dedicated support. Their commitment to aiding our patients is commendable,” the VCH Medical Superintendent conveyed.

“This heartwarming gesture from the community reflects the collective ownership of VCH; it is indeed our hospital, and the community’s involvement truly warms our hearts.”

Dr. Atua encouraged further contributions, emphasising their direct impact on patient well-being, affirming, “I encourage those who are able to donate. Your contributions will directly benefit the patients, providing them with much-needed warmth during this cold weather.

Thank you immensely for your kind donations of blankets.”

For those wishing to extend their support, the process is facilitated through the drop-off of blankets at the VCH Administration.