Twenty-eight students are the first ever in Vanuatu and the Pacific to have graduated with a certificate 1 on Climate Change and Disaster Risk Reduction offered by the Vanuatu Institute of Technology (VIT) Tuesday this week.

Minister for Climate Change, Ham Lini was there to witness this very important milestone in Vanuatu history.

During his official remarks, Director for Education Services, Roy Obed, confirmed that this program is unique and marks history in the Vanuatu Education system as it is the first of its kind ever developed in country and the Pacific region as well.

Director Obed was speaking on behalf of the Minister for Education, Jean Pierre Nirua, who was away on official tour.

Obed applauded long time pioneer of the Vanuatu education sector, Professor Charles Pierce who designed the course material in both English and French languages in which the minister made special attributions to.

“It is indeed a joy to see that the course materials are developed in line with the Vanuatu Ministry of Education & Training language policy in promoting bilingualism in the schools.

“This, again is an historical milestone in the Vanuatu Education sector.”

Professor Pierce took four long years to actually develop the course to see that it is workable and approved to be used as a national syllabus in the Vanuatu Education system particularly, in the TVET sector.

“I am happy to see the course is developed with a focus on climate change and to understand better the impacts of climate change and ways in which we locals can use to survive the fast changes caused by climate change or Global warming.

“A special thank you also goes to the Vanuatu Qualification Authority forum for the accreditation of the course to ensure it is recognized in the region as well as to VIT management for accepting to run this program in its institution.” READ MORE