Two of the four family members from Ramvetlam village on Ambrym who got lost at sea around midday on Saturday are currently undergoing full medical attention at Norsup Hospital, Malekula after they were discovered and rescued at Rano Island yesterday morning.

The 4-year-old boy who was also in the canoe along with his mother and aunt when they were discovered did not survive the ordeal. The 10-year-old boy is still missing.

The Chief Surgeon of the Northern District Hospital, Dr. Basil Leodoro told Daily Post that the two women were rescued and transported to Norsup Hospital yesterday morning.

Dr. Leodoro said he received confirmation from Dr. Phil Temakon who is based at Norsup Hospital that both survivors were weak and dehydrated following their ordeal at sea.

Both survivors urgently required resuscitation and were attended to by Dr. Temakon.

“They need to be under care while we monitor their situation,” he said.

According to Dr. Leodoro, as of yesterday afternoon, their conditions were stable, as they have been rehydrated.

The Chief Surgeon added that they will continue to take care of the two survivors and only release them once they recover.

“Dr. Temakon will continue to monitor them overnight and we should be able to make a decision on whether or not to transfer them to Vila tomorrow (today),” he said.

Dr. Temakon is providing updates on the condition of the two survivors every four hours.

Meanwhile yesterday, MP for Malekula, Don Ken called in at the Daily Post office to confirm that the survivors went ashore at his village.

MP Ken said when the members of his community discovered the two women, they were too weak to talk and walk, and could only manage to crawl.

The community members assisted the two women and contacted the MP who then made arrangements for health and police at Lakatoro to attend to the survivors.

Mr. Ken said the women in the community washed and provided clean clothing to the survivors.

The initial plan was to bury the young deceased on Rano, but naturally his immediate relatives on Ambrym want their beloved son to be laid to rest on Ambrym, said MP Ken.

Commander Maritime, Ioan Collin Kaluatman confirmed to Daily Post that Patrol Boat RVS Turoroa will be transporting the deceased to Ambrym this morning.

Bule Obed, an immediate relative of the four conveyed that their families on Ambrym are currently in mourning and are awaiting the arrival of their young son so they could properly lay him to rest.