1. The Vanuatu Yoga Association is located right in town

The yoga studio is in the heart of town, so it’s easily accessible. It’s situated in the lot behind Goodies Corner and Beef House restaurant, right between the main one-way streets.

2. You pay by donation

The Vanuatu Yoga Association is a non-profit organization. You will be taught by unpaid volunteers who want to share their love and passion of yoga with you. In order to maintain the yoga community, contributions are needed to cover the rent and expenses for the studio. The recommended donation is a gold coin for the unemployed, 500vt for NGO/Government workers and 1000vt for those in full time employment.


3. It’s suitable for all ages and levels

There is a range of classes available from beginners to vinyasa to ashtanga. Unlike most sports, yoga has no niche clients, it’s open to everyone. So whether you’re young, old, unfit, a bodybuilder, pregnant, male or female, give it a try. Yoga has no limitations.

4. There is always variety and you set the pace

Yoga is not competitive. You don’t have to beat anyone. There is no need to compare yourself to anybody else. It’s all about you and listening to your body. On any given yoga session, there are always different poses to learn and you use your body weight to lift yourself up. You can rest at anytime during the practice. Go slow or go hard, aim to focus on your breathing in one session or build your strength in another, it’s all about respectfully pushing yourself to your limits!


 5. It works out your whole body

Yoga focuses on core-centric poses, which is important for stabilizing your entire body. Yoga strengthens and lengthens your muscles, massages internal organs and increases your flexibility. Yoga can also be a cardio workout as you go through a sequence of poses that raises your heartbeat. It’s a great workout for your whole body.


 6. You will lose weight

Yoga unites your body and mind. It will challenge your approach to life and show you how to appreciate your body. You will want to treat your body with respect once you know how much it’s capable of. Yoga teaches you awareness and you will rather fuel your body with nutritious food to keep it strong and healthy than poison it with junk food.


 7. It benefits not just your body, but also your mind

Yoga’s deep breathing and meditation practices bring increased energy and awareness, helping you get more focused and less stressed. You will feel its benefits immediately after a session. Awareness brings you to the present moment and that’s the secret to staying happy and peaceful!

Photo credits: Tru Yu Vu and Kiki Lychee