Taking personal and professional learnings from her time with Women’s Leadership Initiative and a master’s at QUT, Nirose Silas aims for a top job in Vanuatu —as well as lifting women into senior government and public sector roles in her country.


With around 20 years of work in government finance under her belt, Nirose Silas says that dealing with politicians has been challenging but rewarding work: ‘Patience and respect played a lot in here.’ Her work with Australia Awards Women’s Leadership Initiative mentor, the Hon. Nola Merino, has been less challenging and more collegiate: an exchange of ideas around how to work more strategically and effectively, particularly with male colleagues, to build stronger linkages within Vanuatu as well as other regional governments.

Returning home to Vanuatu after completing her Master’s in Business Management at QUT, Nirose is committed to improving the leadership skills of women in Vanuatu, and to support them to take on senior government and public sector roles. Her ultimate goal is to become the Auditor-General of Vanuatu. 

Contemplating what she has learnt from the Women’s Leadership Initiative experience, she says: ‘I have learnt to be resilient and patient and to be understanding, knowing that I cannot do everything but can delegate and trust others as well.’ And she’s certain that she’s taking many applicable skills with her: ‘I would apply the skills to my work and also to my projects and to the newly graduated female colleagues to assist them in their leadership endeavours.’

Huge aims for Nirose, but again, she takes personal skills from the Initiative which will no doubt help achieve her goals: ‘I am stronger than before as I have developed my inner being and also my outer being to be stronger and to be resilient no matter what the challenge is.’