The wife of the principal whose story shocked the nation when he was accused of raping one of his students – placing several questions on the ethics of principals and teachers in Vanuatu’s education system – has spoken out.

“It hurts, really hurts,” she said. “I know people throughout Vanuatu know about this incident. I’m struggling to cope with the situation as it is.”

The 48-year-old mother of three says her husband was in charge of an institution and when he travelled to and from Vila, she trusted him and trusted that he took care of the children studying at the Napangasale Junior Secondary School.

“He is my husband, he supports the family,” she said. “When the accusations came out, it was a shock to us and I was very sad when I heard the reports.”

However, she noted the situation is now in the hands of the police and they are handling it with his lawyer.

“We live in a world of problems and challenges, but I don’t want to focus on the problems,” she said. “I want to focus on the Man who created me and everything that surrounds me.”

In conclusion, she reiterated that her husband is in the hands of the police and he will respond to the accusations in court.

She added the family is now aware of everything that had happened and they will be performing a custom ceremony when the time is right.