The man accused of killing his girlfriend opposite Tanna Russet Complex has denied two counts of intentional homicide charges brought against him.

The charges were brought against him under section 107 (1) (b) of the Penal Code Act CAP 135.

The second count was an alternative charge to the first count.

Philip Jimmy who was identified as a former member of the ‘French Foreign Legion’ denied both counts and his case was adjourned pending a pre-trial conference before a trial date will be listed.

The brief of facts that was relied on in the court this week revealed that Jimmy and late Alice Karis were in a domestic relationship and at the time of the attack, they both went out to go clubbing at Planet 107 in Tagabe.

The prosecution alleged that sometimes between 3am to 4.30am on June 16, 2017 Jimmy took the deceased to the main road opposite Tanna Russet and assaulted her causing her severe injuries on her neck, face and head.

They claimed that people nearby heard the victim was begging for Jimmy to stop assaulting her but she later died because of the wounds she sustained during the alleged attack.

The Court heard that soon a bus pulled over and asked if they needed some help, Jimmy told the driver if he could drive them home in which the bus did.

While heading home, Jimmy was complaining to the driver and said that the deceased needed to be killed and at one stage he asked the driver to stop so he could hang late Karis in which the driver refused and kept driving.

Upon arrival, Jimmy allegedly asked the driver to switch off the lights and he dragged the victim by the legs from the bus onto the ground and to the house.

At around 8.36am ProMedical were called to the scene and they found the deceased already dead.

In their assessments on arrival they said that the deceased was lying on her left side in which they described as a ‘recovery position’ with an empty plastic in her mouth in which Jimmy said he had placed it to assist with her breathing.

They said when they tried to remove the plastic bottle but it couldn’t be removed and when they checked, late Karis had already died.

The Promed said that they also did an electro cardiogram (ECG) but the results showed that there were no heart activities.

The defendant then told the officers that he went on a night out with the victim and they were attacked by a group of people and when they went home, he helped her putting her in recovery position but when he woke up in the morning, late Karis was about to throw her final breath and he called the authorities.

Witnesses said that Karis was working when Jimmy went looking for her and they headed down to Grand Casino.

After some disagreement between them they left for Planet 107 but they did not entere the bar and took another bus back to town.

A witness near Tana Russet claimed that he heard a woman crying and calling ‘stop, stop’.

He said that the voice then started fading slowly to a complete stop.

A witness who helped Jimmy to lift the body inside the bus said that when they put Karis on the chair, she took a deep breath in which he described as ‘a final breath’.

At home, he allegedly grabbed her two legs and pulled her out of the bus and she banged her head again on the ground.

The driver said that in the morning he went straight to the carwash to clean the blood.

Police investigation claimed that according to their assessment, late Karis died multiple hours before the Promedical staff was called in.

The prosecution case was also supported by a postmortem that was performed on the deceased’s body on June 18, 2017.

In brief, Pathologist Dr Crystal Garae explained that Ms Karis ‘Died from extensive subgaleal haemorrhage and hematoma and extensive subdural haemorrhage and hematoma due to blunt force injury to the face and head’.

The father of the victim John Dean Karis also supported the case with a statement that Jimmy is a violent man and had broken the nose of the victim once and her leg.