Police in Port Vila are investigating the death of a woman from Tanna whose body was discovered at Smet area around 8pm last Saturday.

Director of the Criminal Investigation Division (CID), Jack Joses, said further details of the incident will be provided once they receive the incident report.

However, he conveyed that police have removed the body from the scene to the Vila Central Hospital (VCH) mortuary.

He told the Daily Post yesterday that family members of the victim have already filed a complaint with the police.

“We (the police) are appealing to the witnesses who saw what happened to come forward with information. It will help make our job easier.

“It is very sad news indeed,” he said.

CID Director Joses also urged women, particularly young girls to take extra care of themselves when walking in the streets or partying at night.

“Women are not physically strong like men. You (girls) have to tell parents or family members of your whereabouts and must return home early.

“If you intend to leave home to another place like a nightclub, go with a friend or colleague to keep yourselves safe.

“If you think you are not safe with the group or people you are with, leave. Do not risk your lives.

“It seems that girls nowadays do not care — they go anywhere they want at any time. Girls must take of themselves,” he added.

This woman from Tanna was the second to have been found dead in Port Vila.

Police are yet to identify the first one whose body was discovered at Joint Court on Tuesday last week.