Australian High Commissioner, Jenny Da Rin’s term is coming to an end and last week she hosted a function at Banyan Bar to officially bid farewell.

Invited guests included Prime Minister Charlot Salwai, Cabinet Ministers, members of parliament, diplomatic corps and friends.

Mrs Da Rin says she has been inspired by the way Australia and Vanuatu’s relationship reflects the shared values.

“For our countries to be free, tolerant and democratic societies, where human rights are respected, where the rule of law is upheld, where government is accountable and where we strive in an inclusive society where all citizens can participate fully.

“We share the aspiration to live in a region that is peaceful, sovereign and prosperous. The region we call home.

“These are the things that bind us, that make our connection so important and so special.

“We may have our differences but we will always be neighbours and friends and what happens to one will always matter to the other,” the High Commissioner said.

She says living in Vanuatu has had a profound impact on her and her family.

Mrs Da Rin acknowledged her husband and children who were also present last week, who shared the journey in Vanuatu over the last three years.

On behalf of her family she thanked everyone that has shown kindness and generosity to her family.

“In my three years here i visited every province.

“I first travelled to Torba Province and then to the far south to Tafea and from East to West,” she said.

Her husband also followed her to the provinces on many of these visits to meet community members, learning about the cultures and custom and hearing about their development aspirations.

She says she danced with the mamas on Tanna and Epi, dined with the prime minister and diplomatic colleagues at Melsisi on Pentecost, travelled in a banana boat flotilla on Malekula, and seeing humanitarian response efforts on Maewo.

She says she has been welcomed by all communities and nasaras.

Her family cheered for Vanuatu in medal winning competitions at the Pacific Mini Games, Gold Coast Commonwealth Games and para and other sports competitions.

The High Commissioner says her family also grieved with Vanuatu following the sudden loss of late President Baldwin Lonsdale who had received her warmly into the country.

She thanks the Government and people of Vanuatu for accepting her and her family in Vanuatu.

Mrs Da Rin thanked her team diplomatic colleagues, business sector, and staff at the High Commission for contributing to Vanuatu’s security and development.

She reminded that 2020 year will be a big year for Vanuatu with general elections in March, the 40th Independence anniversary in July and the hosting of the Pacific Islands Forum in Port Vila.