The Minister of Internal Affairs, Alfred Maoh, says three Bills that will go before Parliament in November, once passed, will be implemented immediately.

Expanding on the purposes of the Bills, Minister Maoh, explained that the first Bill on ID Cards will require every citizens of this country to be issued with National Identification (ID) Cards.

This, he explained, will not mean restricting citizens on movements within the country because the constitution does not allow that.

He said the ID cards will be used, for example, for banking purposes, passport checks, or as may be required by government authorities or shown on demand by authorized personnel under specified circumstances.

The second Bill is on introducing Breathalyzer test to estimate the blood alcohol content from a breath sample.

The minister explained, this will be used to control drivers from consuming alcohol and driving.

He said with the current rate of road accidents caused by speeding and drunkenness in Vanuatu, especially Port Vila, this will assist the police to quickly apprehend drivers for driving under the influence of alcohol.

The third Bill will address the issue of use of mobile phones by drivers when driving.

This will apply to all drivers on all vehicles, Maoh told the Daily Post.

“We need disciplined citizens so that our nation can always remain a peaceful nation and a better place to live by citizens, residents and visitors.

“The discipline of good abiding citizens begins in a home from good teachings by the parents, with the support by the chiefs and church leaders whether in the villages and islands or here in Port Vila and other centres of the country,” Minister Maoh pointed out. READ MORE