Lien Robert, a concerned mother, is appealing to bus drivers to respect people with disabilities, especially women when transporting them to their respective destinations. Robert 55, raised her concern with this newspaper following an incident which involved her daughter, Noela Robert, who works at Rainbow Theatre at Wan Smolbag (WSB) with a bus driver last Thursday.

Noela who has a low vision finished work last Thursday and hopped into a bus with two other passengers one of whom she worked together at the theatre also a woman with disability and was accompanied by his son.

“The mother and son live in Hippique and i live at Nambatu, when we went in the bus i asked the driver to drop me off first in Nambatu because i have a low vision and it was getting dark.

“The other women with disability with me in the bus had her son with her and he was guiding her but despite asking the driver to drop me off first, he dropped off the mother and son first at Hippique,” Noela Robert shared her story.

“After dropping them off at Hippique, the bus driver then told me that he wanted to see one chief in Etas and it was dark and we went into the road to Teouma pass the bridge and somewhere he stopped and parked there.

“I had to call my parents to come and pick me up from there and take me home.

“I was scared because it was dark and i have a low vision and i couldn’t do anything and lucky my dad came and picked me up,” she added.

The Robert family has lodged their report to the police and police are carrying out their investigation.

“All I’m asking is for bus drivers to please treat women with disability with care and respect,” Mrs Robert said.