CARE International Vanuatu



Care International Vanuatu recently assisted in distributing Non-Food Items (NFIs) and other supplies to those affected by the two cyclones that hit Vanuatu in early March 2023.

Response Manager Jill Aru noted that Care International focused on aiding five area councils in TAFEA province, including North and South Erromango, Futuna, Aneityum, and Central Tanna.

While other partners also sent supplies to TAFEA, Care International worked closely with area administrators to distribute their relief supplies together.

Care International distributed rapid shelter kits, tarpaulins, dignity kits for mothers and young girls, hygiene kits, and community tool kits and farming tool kits under the Gender and Protection Cluster.

The organisation prioritised immediate needs like shelter, targeting households with a special need such as pregnant or breastfeeding mothers, people with disabilities, and the elderly.

According to Aru, the most common needs identified in the affected areas were shelter, food, and water. She stressed the importance of working closely with Provincial Emergency Operation Centers to avoid delays in the distribution of essential supplies.

To promote resilience, Care International has also implemented a project that emphasises traditional knowledge and encourages individual households to prepare and take ownership of their response and recovery.

Aru emphasised the need for preparedness at the individual level to avoid frustration in the aftermath of a disaster.

“Area councils have worked hard to ensure that people in the communities understand ways to be resilient,” she added.