The young driver, Emile Yaruel who is the prime suspect in late Sylvie Sam’s death has had his case committed to the Supreme Court.

Yaruel is implicated in four collective counts related to traffic offenses.

At the preliminary Inquiry into the case, the court heard that Emile was under the influence of alcohol when he was driving the bus with another friend of his, sometimes in January 6, 2018. Passengers on the bus were the deceased and her boyfriend.

The prosecution conveyed in court that the bus was on its way to Etas when late Sylvie and her boyfriend were arguing.

When the deceased fell off the bus, and rolled beneath the bus, the defendant stopped the bus and checked her and noticed that she was still breathing. He then drove away and another vehicle picked up the deceased and transported her to the hospital where she was later pronounced dead.

Yaruel’s bail has been extended to May 7, 2018, the date scheduled for his plea in the Supreme Court.

Senior Magistrate, Moses Peter, has granted bail variation which permitted the young father of two children to drive his bus and earn income for his small family.

He is permitted to drive his bus only on the conditions that he provides transport services from 5am to 11pm daily, and refrains from consuming alcoholic beverages when driving.