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Slippery Floors by Victor Korikalo

Leaders in our society know our plight Yet they ignore and pretend that it’s all alright Our voices are drowned by their hailers and shouts “Vote for me and we’ll get you out!” But here we are Still sitting and waiting We’re not...

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No More Band-Aid Solutions

It has happened again. On Wednesday night, a young woman jumped out of a bus after the driver refused to drop her at her stop. She has several broken bones and a head injury. The Public Land Transport Authority (PLTA) is...

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Respect in School Curriculums

Dear Editor, As a young, growing and concerned woman, I feel there is a need to signify the importance of respect and gender equality in school curriculum. Today, it has become a norm for men, to ‘cat-call’, comment and sexually...

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Kansa blong ol woman

Dir Editor, Tank yu blong mi save mekem sam koment abaot wan artikol we i kamaot long nius pepa blong Satedei mo emi abaot ol kansa blong ol woman. Yes i gud tumas blong kat sam aksen we i happen long saed ia from i tru, yumi...

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Breaking the Glass Ceiling

Dear Editor, As a practising student in leadership, governments and human rights, I urge the people of Vanuatu to break the intangible barriers for women to avoid gender inequalities implemented in Parliament today. Why it is so...

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