China Civil Engineering Construction Corporation (CCECC), the employer of Chinese nationals constructing the Tanna road project has reacted to allegations that their workers are clients of an alleged brothel on Tanna.

The alleged brothel story reported by the Independent newspaper was rebutted by the CCECC after the article alleged that the so-called brothel was largely catering to Chinese clients.

CCECC said it felt obliged to respond to defend its good name and reputation because it is the only Chinese company operating on Tanna.

“According to our own investigations, there is no brothel operating on Tanna,” stated a statement from the company.

“Even local chiefs and the general population vehemently deny the existence of such an establishment and say that its existence would go against Tanna’s cultural and religious beliefs.

“It would not be tolerated by Tanna society and the first disgruntled husband would most probably put an end to its existence.

“CCECC also wishes to set the record straight by stating that CCECC workers are governed by strict rules which do not allow them to participate in extra-curricular and especially, culturally-sensitive activities, which may cause disruption,” it said.

The company then questioned the weekly newspaper’s journalistic standards. READ MORE