Chairman of the Port Vila Independence Celebrations, Lord Mayor Ulrich Sumptoh, is appealing to everyone who wants to participate in the Independence Celebrations “to please wear Vanuatu’s national colours”.

“When people dress up in our national colours they tell a story about the struggle of Independence with the colours that are in the National Flag,” Chairman Sumptoh said.

Today, many parents and their children do not know what the red, green, yellow and black (Vanuatu flag) mean.

But when people start wearing the national colours every 30 July they learn the meaning of the colours and develop a sense of patriotism — an attachment to Vanuatu, the Lord Mayor stressed.

Mr Sumptoh said when that anticipated change develops into a habit Vanuatu people not forget why Vanuatu won its Independence.

Independence Chairman Sumptoh explained that each year we see people dress up in blue clothes, orange, or white during Independence “but from now on we appeal to the public at large to dress up in the national colours”.

People in Port Vila are encouraged to wear a yellow, green, black, or red shirt. And even a mixture of the colours.