“A woman who heals herself, heals her mother, heals her daughter and heals every woman around her.” 


A devoted yogini, fulltime career woman, casual yoga teacher and student of holistic counselling, Chanelle Bjornum is the ultimate wonder woman. Balancing her responsibilities with her passions means this mother of three has to carefully cultivate her time as she journeys on the road to her higher self.

This playful photoshoot at Havannah shows Chanelle doing one of the things she loves the most – yoga. Yoga is a set of mental, spiritual and physical disciplines for optimum wellbeing. And it’s a practice that any person can undertake, regardless of age, body shape or gender. Namaste!

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Chanelle Bjornum-Motuliki




Where are you from?

Vanuatu (born and raised)

What do you aspire to do in the future? 

Oo – that’s a big question. There is a lot of I would like to achieve in all aspects of my life but I believe it all comes down to discipline in order to achieve it. So, even though it may take me awhile to achieve goals – I hope to always have the drive and discipline to commit and expand my boundary of growth.


What do you like to do in your spare time?

I don’t get alot of ‘spare’ time with two babies (1 and 2 years old) and my 9-year-old son plus I work full time and teach yoga in between where I can. However, generally I will always try to prioritize going to the gym or attending a yoga class or doing some kind of movement each day if I can.


What do you study?

Currently, I am studying a Double Diploma in Complementary Therapies and Holistic Counseling online and I am also in process of enrolling into university next year.


How would you describe your style? 

Simple maybe even boring..? I have reduced my wardrobe alot and try to just have pieces that are comfortable and that I like which can easily pair with other pieces of clothing in wardrobe so I keep the color palette fairly neutral and classic.


Where do you buy your clothes from? 

I invest in my workout gear from Lululemon Athletica as I’m in it almost everyday and I don’t like being hot and sweaty so when I am I try to be as comfortable as possible and you can’t beat their quality and comfort.. If not, Stret Price has some good finds and I like to support local shops that provide quality clothing and products or I borrow clothes from friends or get hand me downs.


Who influences your style? 

I can’t say I have really ever been driven by anyone else’s style – I like what I like I guess. But right now, my biggest fashion influence is me as I try to reduce what I own, wear clothes that feel and fit good and buy ethically as much as I can.

What beauty products do you use?

I use a series of Dermalogica products from Influence Bio Concept to combat pigmentation and I make and use my own facial and body oils, scrubs and cleansers with organic coconut oil, Tamanu oil and essential oils.


Any fashion advice?

I don’t have fashion advice but I would encourage everyone to rethink the way we consume and who you are really choosing to support when you buy anything. Please support our mama’s and local industry as much as possible.

Assistant stylist: Irene Abbock

Hair, makeup, nails by Body and Soul

Photographer: Nicky Kuautonga

Black and white skirt handmade and painted by Miranda Hodge

Havannah Boat House

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This article was originally published in the Vanuatu Daily Post August edition of the Life and Style magazine