An incident that occurred on Lamap landing on Malekula has forced a tourist to shorten her stay on the island.

Commander North, George Songi confirmed that on July 16, a young man slashed a female tourist with a knife, inflicting “minor injury” on her body.

”The tourist who is from the US, was with her tour guide and were watching a group of custom dancers performing when the man attacked her,” Mr. Songi said.

He added, “The man who is reported to be having mental issues attacked another man, he cut his forehead, after he was trying to defend the female tourist.”

Commander North said the man was identified as Mathias Batick Laso.

The people in the community assaulted the attacker in retaliation for what he had caused.

”Both victims of the assault sustained minor injuries,” Songi alleged.

He confirmed the situation is under control and the people of Lamap landing are urged to assist the chief in ensuring peace within their community.

Songi said he understands that the tourist is already in Port Vila to receive further medical treatments.

Meanwhile, Manager, Communication and Digital Assets of Vanuatu Tourism Office (VTO) confirmed they were informed about the incident.

He said it was unfortunate that the incident had happened. VTO are aware that the tourist is receiving medical attention in Port Vila and understood that the tourist would not press any charges against the Malekula man.