Children, boys, girls, and adults will engage more in sporting activities as Vanuatu’s Team Up Program initiated by the Australian government extends to the next phase until 2025.

The program aims to build on the work done by more than 30 programs across the region to deliver impactful sports initiatives at the community level.

“This next phase will deliver more outcomes for gender equality, disability inclusion, and sporting excellence,” Australian High Commissioner to Vanuatu Ms Heidi Bootle said.

She described Team Up as a program that is about more than sport.

“These partnerships bring people across Vanuatu together to champion inclusion and create leadership opportunities,” she mentioned.

Team Up runs activities in community, school, and sporting settings. They range from initiatives that attract women and girls to participate in traditionally male-dominated sports, seek to address gender-based violence and enable people with disabilities to participate.

“We are delighted to be able to continue to support our partners across the Pacific to deliver programs that work to transform lives through sport. We are particularly excited to have been able to resume face-to-face training and support for partners in all our Team Up countries in 2023, following the travel disruption caused by the pandemic.

We hope this will help all programs strengthen their impact during this second phase,

” Team Up Partnerships Manager, Andrew Lepani said.

Appeal Against Violence’s Lead Social Impact, Inclusion Ambassador and Women’s Cricket Officer, Mary Estelle Mahuk said she is very happy that the Australian government took up this crucial initiative.

“We are absolutely thrilled about the extension of Team Up, as this means we can continue to deliver the Appeal Against Violence program, which uses the power of cricket to make positive impacts in people’s lives, particularly focusing on empowering girls, women and persons with disabilities.

“This week’s workshop has been a great reminder of the importance of sport for development – especially after sharing and learning from other Team-Up supported programs in Vanuatu,” she commented.

Team Up programs are delivered in partnership with sporting and non-sporting organizations, with technical support from Team Up staff in Fiji, Papua New Guinea, and Australia.

Team Up builds on more than two decades of Australian Government sport for development programs, activities, and partnerships in.