Concerns have been raised over a convicted child rapist who is working as a registered nurse at the Vila Central Hospital (VCH).

The registered nurse pleaded guilty to the sexual assault of a 10-year-old school girl at his home after she visited his daughter in 2010.

He was a student nurse at the time of the sexual assault.

Hospital staff said he had started work at the Port Vila hospital in 2018.

A number of staff, who did not want to be named for fear of losing their jobs, said they strongly believed he should not be allowed to work as a nurse at the hospital, especially with female patients and children.

“The victim was only ten so that was the act of a pedophile,’’ said a doctor at the hospital.

The doctor alleged it is rare for pedophiles to be rehabilitated.

A fellow nurse said there was ‘no doubt’ that he was an ‘extremely competent nurse’.

“But that should not be a consideration at all, yet clearly it has been,’’ she said.

“He is dealing with sick people who are often very vulnerable daily and that is not good.”

She alleged the registered nurse did not join the staff by the normal process through the HR department.

Another nurse said that under the Duty of Care rules, it had to be asked how and why the Nursing Council granted a registration for a convicted criminal.

“This rapist did not receive a jail sentence when he faced trial in December 2010, many of us believe that he still should be in jail for that rape. Let alone working as a nurse,’’ she said.

“Many of us are really uncomfortable having him in our midst.’’

One of the hospital staff members who said she had spoken to a senior Health official about the case of the officer said the official had replied there were others working in the health department with sexual assault convictions.

Daily Post contacted a member of the National Nursing Council which is responsible for registration, competency and disciplinary issues for the MOH for comment but was unsuccessful prior to print.

The Public Service Commission (PSC) as the employer of all government employees is aware of the matter.