Some of the participants during group discussions. Photo – PIF

A two-day consultation has recently been held to seek feedbacks on the revitalisation of the Pacific Leaders Gender Equality Declaration (PLGED).

PLGED was adopted in 2012 to lift the status of women in the Pacific and empower them to be active participants in economic, political and social life.

Five outcomes leaders pledged to implement are gender responsive government program and policies, decision making, economic empowerment, ending violence against women and girls, and health and education.

In their 51st meeting last year, the Pacific Islands Forum (PIF) Leaders endorsed the revitalization of the PLGED. The PIF Secretariat is now in the process to develop the next iteration of the PLGED.

Social Policy Officer of the PIF Secretariat and Facilitator of the National Consultation, Talei Tuinamuana, said the Pacific Leaders want the declaration to be more inclusive, to include emerging challenges like the COVID-19 crisis, technology and climate change.

She said the consultations will happen in all 18 PIF member countries to get feedbacks from government stakeholders, private sector and civil society organisations on the governance aspect of the revitalised PLGED.

The consultations will be conducted in country and virtually. They are build on the findings of the review of the PLGED that was undertaken in 2021 as well consultations held during the development of the 2050 Strategy.

Revitalizing the Leaders’ commitment to progress gender equality is an opportunity to align PLGED to the 2050 Strategy for the Blue Pacific Continent.

The 2050 Strategy is a long-term strategy of how the region can work together as countries and territories, communities and people to build on their strengths and secure their future against the challenges of today and the coming decade.

The outcomes of the consultations will inform the draft Declaration that will later be shared with members for feedback. This will then be presented to the PIF Women Leaders Meeting before consideration by Leaders at their meeting in Cook Islands this year.