Councillor Elizabeth Tura (left)
and Councillor Jenny recognized by Chapuis community members for their commitment

Luganville Municipal Councillor, Elizabeth Payat Tura, from the East Ward is a confident leader who has a vision to develop the area of Chapuis despite many hurdles.

As an elected leader who went in to join the Luganville Municipal Council, Tura is determine to work with the communities she serves.

“I came to win a reserved seat in the LMC with 53 votes only and with this I am determined to work hard with the community to prove to them that I have been chosen as a leader and I will do my best to serve them with their needs where I can.”

Although being paralyzed in bed for a full year after she went into politics, Councillor Tura did not dwell on her health issues to refrain her from supporting the community in which she represents.

She supported groups or individual supporters with cash prizes.

Her assistance went as far as supporting youths, women, individual groupings, and different church groupings.

“After being sick, I supported the community members around me until recently where I supported church groupings like the SDA church of Chapuis with a tonne of cement and grasscutters, the Anglican church with 1 tonne of cement, 1 grasscutter for the Christian fellowship grouping, and 1 sewing machine for women who are members of the Church of Christ.

“I also help individuals with what they need in their homes.”

It is understood that Councillor Tura has plans to upgrade the De’ Quiros Park in Chapuis to allow the people to enjoy the area as a family area.