World Vision Vanuatu is pleased to announce the launch of its four-year campaign ‘It takes respect to create a safer’ Vanuatu on Thursday, 10 May from 4 to 8pm at Saralana Park, Port Vila.

The campaign will focus on the important issue of healthy relationships between young men and women. The Bislama slogan for the campaign is ‘Rispektem yuwan, rispektem naraman’.

The campaign aims to help young people understand their rights and the rights of others in relation to consent and feel empowered to take a stand against sexual violence to create a safer Vanuatu.

There will be plenty to entertain the crowd on the day. Stan and the Earth Force, Confliction, Smol Fyah and Metoxide will be performing and local artist Narsong Taleo will be conducting a live interactive art show. Vanuatu’s football team captain Bong Kalo and Commonwealth Games para medalist Friana Kwevira are also part of the official launch line-up and will be addressing the crowd on the day. Wan Smol Bag has produced two fantastic videos specifically for the campaign which will be screened at the event.

Booths will be set up at the venue by World Vision and partners to share information and run activities for attendees. Event participants will have the opportunity to pledge their commitment to the cause in the video booth at the event. Local food as well as kava will be available for sale on the day. Kava sales will support Malapoa youth.

Event attendees who participate in games and activities on the day will have the chance to win prizes including t-shirts and scarves.

The general public, especially youth, are invited to attend. Alcohol will not be served at the venue. For more information email MikeEsrom_Kaun@wvi.org and check out the FB page: vanuaturispek