The Director of Vanuatu Correctional Services, Johnny Marango has blamed the Court Clerk for failing to submit the verdict of the trial of Florence Lengkon’s case, which led to the adjournment of the sentencing of the drivers to Monday next week.

On Wednesday, the court adjourned the sentencing of the kidnappers due to the unavailability of Pre-Sentence Reports for the defendants which were the responsibilities of the Correctional Services probation officers.

In an email to Daily Post, Director Marango said the Court Clerk was supposed to submit the reports on September 5, however, the probation officers received the verdict on September 22.

“Pre-sentence reports requires interviews, one to one and gathering of additional information such medical reports,” he stated.

“The Judge need to know about the circumstances of an offender’s life at home, his work, children, family, health, and custom processes”.

Marango said they were not being informed in time to do the pre sentence report. READ MORE