Three men have been sentenced to to serve time in prison by Supreme Court for various serious offenses against eight hardworking nurses.

The court heard that at around 12:45 in the morning of December 26, 2016 at Teouma area, Moses Obed, Jordie Yaru and Maxime Jeffery were drunk, and stopped a van carrying nurses who ended their night’s shifts at Vila Central Hospital and were being dropped off.

The men demanded that they’d be given a lift to Dominique’s fence at Maomao.

The men turned violent when their requests were turned down and even went to an extent where they removed the van’s key.

Maxime and Moses threatened to burn down the van and Moses demanded sexual intercourse from one of the female nurses, the court was told.

They demanded money from the nurses and although one of the female nurses gave them money, they continued to demand for more. Moses also sexually harassed a nurse.

Jodie Yaru was charged on three counts; (a) For Count 1 – Disturbance in a public (b) For Count 7 – False Imprisonment. © For Count 8 – Endangering Transport. Yaru received an end sentence of 2 years imprisonment after his mitigating factors were being considered by the Judge.

Maxim Nakau admitted guilt to 7 counts for which he was convicted and sentenced as follows – (a) For Count 1 – Disturbance in a public place. (b) For Count 2 – Threats to Kill © For Count 3 – Extortion (d) For Count 4 – Theft. (e) For Count 5 – Robbery. (f) For Count 7 – False imprisonment. (g) For Count 8 – Endangering Transport.

Judge Oliver Saksak ruled, “You are therefore sentenced to 6 years imprisonment as a concurrent sentence for all 7 counts. I have treated the offence of Threats to Kill and Robbery only as aggravating features as the facts do not show you actively took part in committing these offences.

“But I now consider mitigating your sentence. The only mitigating factor to be allowed is early guilty plea for which 1/3 is allowable.

“That means 2 years are deducted from 6 years leaving the balance of 4 years imprisonment as your end sentence.

“There will be no further deductions as I do not see any other relevant mitigating factors.

“Your sentence of 4 years imprisonment is effective immediately as of today.”

Moses who was the main perpetrator in the incident was also convicted of eight charges similarly to the charges laid against Maxime Nakau. He was sentenced to 5 years and 4 months imprisonment. READ MORE