A creative project by a Year 13 student, Florida John, has ignited discussions regarding the future of educational toys and parental engagement.

Ms John showcased her innovation during Central School’s Language Week, where students were tasked with constructing something related to their learning.

“Each class was given a task to create something based on what we’ve learned so far. For my project, I built a windmill generator that parents can use as a toy to engage their children, rather than allowing them to remain fixated on their phones,” she explained.

“It functions like a fan, enabling parents to bond with their children while keeping them occupied. Perhaps nowadays, we can observe a decline in parental involvement in playtime, and children may lack interest in such activities.”

The Year 13 student mentioned that the windmill generator could be mass-produced into toys, offering our future generation a more engaging alternative to smartphones.

“Just one prediction for the future: our future isn’t secure if the next generation doesn’t understand basic power sources like electricity. Children need to grasp how light is generated and its sources,” she said.

She also suggested that, besides being a toy, her innovation could be used as a signal light for Nakamals. Since it operates solely on wind power, it eliminates the need for batteries or electricity.

During Central School’s language week, various activities were held. Yesterday’s events including Spelling Bees, Public Speaking, Essay Writing, Local Dishes, and Poetry competitions. There were also booths for Science, Maths, Physics, and other subjects, where students showcased what they have learned.

John Lapi Ephraim, an Agriculture teacher and student guidance counselor, explained that this event is an annual tradition. However, it wasn’t held for several years due to disruptions like COVID-19 and cyclones. This year, without such disturbances, the school chose to bring back the program.

“This week, Central School is hosting Language Week. Yesterday, classes were cancelled so students could showcase what they’ve learned,” he said.

“English is one of the foreign languages taught here. Today, they demonstrated their understanding and knowledge gained at this school as part of their language education. Central School offers not just English but also French, Chinese, and Japanese classes.

“Today, they shared their poems, public speaking skills, and lessons learned in their respective subjects. Various booths were set up for parents and the public to see the students’ work. This event mainly celebrates Language Week, giving students a chance to show everything they’ve learned.”

He also noted that despite the rainy weather, the students were enthusiastic to participate in the Language Week events, which ended yesterday.