A father and his biological daughter admitted a sexual relationship this week in Supreme Court in what is known as ‘a 20-year hidden relationship’, and they are to be sentenced on August 4, 2017.

The father is 61 years old and his daughter is 38.

They are from Saama Village, North Efate.

The Court was told that the hidden relationship between them began since the ‘90s when the daughter was only 18 years old. That time the father was 44 years old.

The man and his daughter entered an early guilty plea this week when the charge of incest was put to them.

Judiciary sources told Daily Post that the outcome of the case will be interesting on what the Court decides after it looks like both the father and the daughter were the willing participants in the act.

The fact that was agreed with in court was that the close relatives were having suspicions that the duos were having an affair but they kept on denying it.

The court heard that the chief had to call a meeting asking them but they kept on denying any sexual relations.

Prosecutor Michelin Tasso told the court that it was until January 10, 2017 when an eyewitness found them in the act in the bush.

Ms Tasso said that the witness went looking for mangoes early in the morning with his son.

She said that the witness told his son to wait while he wanted to check on some traps he set to catch wild pigs.

She said that when he found the duo the witness reported the matter to the chief.

Prosecution said that the chief then called the police and the man and his daughter were arrested and they admitted the relationship during the interview.

No statement has been released in court about the status of the mother because the chief was the complainant of the case.