promedical vanuatu
ProMedical Ambulance hemi wan non-profit helt service we mifala i stap lukaotem yumi evriwan lo Efate mo Santo

Evri manis plante man I mekem kiaman kol I kam lo emergency namba blo mifala (115). Sam I kam lo ol pikinini we oli pleiplei wetem fon blo mama o papa be sam I kam lo ol bigman we oli kol fulap taem lo naet mo mekem ol nogud samting blo disturbem ol staff blo mifala. Sam taem mifala i gat mo long 100 kol long wan dei.

Hemia I wan warning blo telemaot se spos yu usum namba blo ProMedical blo mekem ol nogud fasin olsem, bambae Promedical I save:
– Aotem ol credit we I stap insaed lo fon blo yu
– Cancellem namba blo yu
– Putum namba blo yu I ko lo newspaper o facebook (olsem yumi toktok stret mo yu save seh)
– Wok wetem police blo mekem yu pas lo kot

Taem we man I mekem ol nogud fasin wetem emergency namba blo mifala hemi stap abusem service mo staff blo mifala. Mo tu, hemi blockem ol nara man blo mekem kol taem we i gat wan emergency I stap happen so bambae hemi save mekem wan nara man i lusum laef blo hem.

ProMedical Ambulance is a not for profit organization offering life saving ambulance services to Efate and Santo.

Every month ProMedical gets hundreds of prank calls to our emergency number (115). Some of these are children or people playing but more worrying are the calls from men saying disturbing things, particularly to our female paramedics, sometimes up to a hundred calls from a single number in a day.

ProMedical would like to warn anyone who thinks that this is ok that we will be:
1. Applying to have all credit taken from these numbers
2. Applying to cancel these numbers
3. Publishing these numbers in newspapers and on Facebook (yumi toktok stret, yu save seh, ProMedicals page)
4. Working with police to find and prosecute these people.

Please don’t abuse our staff or the service we provide, aside from everything above it may cost someone’s life.

Contact Promedical on +678 26996 or