emerging-ambae-island-artist-showcases her talents


Jenna Garae, a young artist from Ambae Island, has impressed many people in Vanuatu with her painting skills at the Vanuatu Made Exhibition last week.

Despite being just 17 years old, Ms Garae has surprised many with her artistic talents.

Garae, currently a Year 10 student at Tebakor College in Port Vila, was one of the artists who participated in the Vanuatu Made Exhibition, where she showcased her impressive painting skills.

She mentioned that it’s her first time participating in such an event alongside well-known artists, and she’s putting all her efforts into creating beautiful artwork.

Garae conveyed that she had never used paint and brushes before and usually used only pencils and pens to create drawings on paper.

She was excited to try painting for the first time and decided to paint a striking picture of an eagle.

She admitted that she wasn’t familiar with mixing paint colors, so she received a lot of help and support from the experienced artists also exhibiting at the event.

Garae mentioned that her interest in drawing began when she was in primary school, and her family has been very supportive of her passion. She believes that her artistic talent is a natural gift.

The young artist is hopeful about becoming a popular artist in Vanuatu in the future, and she encouraged other young artists to embrace and display their skills and talents.

She also expressed gratitude to her family for their support and encouragement in pursuing her passion for art.

Her mother, Analyn Garae, expressed her pride in her daughter’s ability to showcase her painting skills to the public.