The fourth episode of Empawa Hour focused on Climate Change, Resilience and Gender.

At FM107’s new office next to TVL, the show featured Sam Suenderman, Island Reach, Risu Kalotiti, Solwota Sista, Priscilla Samson, VCAN network and Yasmine Bjornum, ActionAid with host Faithy. It was the first time Faithy had hosted the show and it was a great opportunity for each guest to share the work of their agency.


Who is Island Reach?

Island Reach partners with local communities and regional groups to build social and environmental resilience from ridge to reef.

The project is a practical and applied response to crises brought upon by climate change and the intensifying loss of biological and cultural diversity around the globe.  Island Reach provides professional and hands-on skill sets including assessments, training, transportation, and a well equipped, mobile working platform aboard Research Vessel Llyr, to link people, materials, and ideas between distant communities across expanses of water.

Who is Solwota Sista?

SolwataSista, the Vanuatu Surfing Association’s women’s development program, was established in July 2016. Through SolwataSista, surfing is used as a conduit to provide activities and workshops including first aid and beach safety, judge training courses, vision sessions (goal setting and leadership skill development), photography, art and storytelling workshops.

The program also raises awareness about environmental issues such as coastal preservation, the impacts of littering, turtle and dugong protection, climate change and coral reef restoration.


Who is VCAN?

The Vanuatu Climate Action Network is led by Oxfam Vanuatu with the purpose of increasing collaboration and information sharing between civil society, government and overseas development partners.
These networks were created in the belief that a coordinated civil society would have more impact than organisations working in isolation. VCAN has been welcomed and recognised by the government and is now seen as a key consultative body in climate policy development nationally.

Who is ActionAid?

ActionAid, in partnership with the Vanuatu Government’s Department of Women’s Affairs (DWA), has been implementing a women-led protection program to respond to women’s protection issues and resilience in Vanuatu since Cyclone Pam.

On August 15th 2017, ActionAid in partnership with DWA, IOM, Oxfam and Ministry of Climate Change held a ‘National Dialogue on Women’s Leadership in Climate Change, DRR, social inclusion and forced displacement.’ The outcome paper produced from this dialogue will be taken to COP23 by the Director of Women’s Affairs to influence change.

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