One of the organizers of Unity Day (Port Vila Day) Flea Market promised that the 2017 flea market will be bigger with more sellers and wide variety of collections and goods than that seen this year.

The Daily Post understands that a proposal has gone to the Port Vila Municipal Council and the Flea Market Organizers to have the event staged in the month of June rather than in November.

The reason for holding it this year in November was to make it coincide with the Unity Day or Port Vila Day.

“Many Ni-Vans do not fully understand what a ‘Flea Market’ is, which is why we did not fill the whole streets of the Lini Highway in the recent ‘Flea Market’ but that does not mean we can’t organize a much bigger event in 2017,” one Organizers commented to the Daily Post.

“There are Ni-Vans out there who have home items they can get rid of and actually make some money from these. Some may be abit shy to bring old and unused items into the street for selling, but once people begin to get used to the ‘Flea Market’, they would want to have this staged more often in one year,” he said.

He said the Organizers want to encourage everyone, both ni-Vans and expatriates to use the opportunity to get rid of unwanted and unused items of all sorts at homes as well as make some vatus from these.

“Bring what you think may be junks for throwing away, jewelry, cooking pots, car spare parts, clothes, shoes, paintings, pot plants, cooked food, collection of antiques, any collectibles, children’s toys, watch, kitchen wares, anything and have them sold at low but good prizes and you will be surprised to see buyers becoming interested to buy them,” he said.

“This is not only an imported idea, because we in Vanuatu and Melanesia, our forefathers and those before us practiced this before in a form of bartering that saw men, women and children exchange yam for a chicken, pig for mats, firewood for island taros, baked food for variety of items,” he said.

He concluded by encouraging that three or four months before the 2017 ‘Flea Market’, the Organizers will carry out wider awareness to promote interest and participation amongst the locals as well as expatriate communities in Port Vila to participate in 2017 Flea Market.