Photographed here is Chairman of FALE Vanuatu, William Nasak with one of the successful grantees Silae Vanua Market Vendors Association President Jeannette Wallace, Vice President Leiwia John, and Secretary Rachel Merang.


FALE Vanuatu has announced the successful signing of contracts for post-cyclone grant funding with five Community-Based Organisations (CBOs) on October 2, 2023 and the subsequent disbursement of the first tranche of funding to the CBOs.

Grantees were carefully selected based on their proposal presentations at the FALE Vanuatu General Meeting in May 2023 for post-cyclone response in their community after Tropical Cyclones (TCs) Judy and Kevin earlier this year.

The contracts were formally signed during a special ceremony, where FALE Vanuatu committed VT1,000,000 of funding to each of the five grantees, provided in tranches to support good governance.

The formalities marked a significant step towards bolstering community resilience and recovery efforts in the aftermath of TCs Judy and Kevin by empowering local actors to provide a locally-led response.

The five successful grantees include:

Vanuatu Young Women for Change — Project: “Climate Smart and Sustainable Gardens.” This project aims to enhance food security in Port Vila.

Vanuatu Foresters Association — Project: “Lighting up homes and enabling children’s education.” This project seeks to facilitate the return to normalcy in Vanuatu schools post-cyclone.

Northern Ward Port Vila City Council of Women — Project: “Enhancing Women’s dignity and human rights by providing them a market house to sell their products.” This project aims to alleviate the suffering of women impacted by Cyclones Judy and Kevin.

Silae Vanua Market Vendors Association — Project: “Improving access to clean, safe drinking water for women and girls engaged in the tourism market sector.” This project will increase access to clean, safe drinking water for all woman who are members of the Silae Vanua.

Nakor Alam Youth Association — Project: “Building Community Resilience in Backyard Gardening.” This initiative involves constructing greenhouses in South Efate and North-West Efate to support vegetable cultivation and nursery development.

Before receiving funds, all grantees underwent an Organisational Capacity Assessment Tool (OCAT) assessment, in collaboration with FALE Vanuatu and independent consultants Dr Astrid Kersten from Human Capacity Development International (HCDI) to support organisational growth and sustainability.

FALE Vanuatu expresses deep gratitude to both the independent consultants and the participating CBOs for their unwavering dedication and cooperation throughout the assessment process.

The organisation also acknowledges FALE Pacific and Vitol Foundation Grant for their invaluable partnership and funding, who have made these initiatives possible.

These projects not only contribute to the well-being and resilience of local communities but also underscore FALE Vanuatu’s commitment to empowering local actors in crisis response and resource management.

FALE Vanuatu is a critical component of Start Network and PIANGO’s Facility Aiding Locally-Led Engagement (FALE) Pacific, focusing on empowering local actors in crisis response and resource management. FALE Vanuatu plays a pivotal role in strengthening existing National Liaison Units and coordinating humanitarian efforts, recognized in local legislation. FALE Vanuatu is supported by Bread for the World Regional Office Pacific and Airlink.

The first six National FALEs in Fiji, Kiribati, Samoa, Solomon Islands, Tonga, and Vanuatu strengthen existing National Liaison Units, coordinating humanitarian work and recognised in local legislation.

FALE Pacific is supported by Bread for the World Regional Office Pacific and Airlink.

FALE Vanuatu would like to acknowledge FALE Pacific and Vitol Foundation Grant for the partnership and funding to support the program.