A father is now being investigated after police claimed he allegedly killed his 8-month-old baby and buried in South Pentecost.

The father’s name has been withheld. Police Acting Commander South Graham Bihu confirmed the father has been released on bail with strict conditions pending an investigation into the matter.

Mr Bihu confirmed that one of the strict conditions ordered the father to sign every mornings and afternoons in order to keep him under their radar. He said that the father has been charged with murder of his own child due to domestic violence issue back at home before the matter was reported to the police.

He said that a group of police officers and a pathologist attended the scene some two months later and dug up the grave and an autopsy was conducted and the results will be made available soon for the interest of the court.

He said that the body was buried back where it was dug before the officers left Pentecost with the father.

He said that the case must be the first of its kind and the father will stand trial for preliminary Inquiry hearing at the completion of the investigation. Mr Bihu said that in the past months until today, there were a number of bloodsheds within Vanuatu involving young lives – something he labelled as ‘unacceptable’.

He appealed to all parents about domestic violence in homes today has been rocketed in the past few years and statistic of the reported cases remain high. He advises the parents who needs police help to settle their families to not hesitate and come forward.