Outside Luganville, Santo, Florist Lianna Avock, 53, of Lironesa on Paama, has built a small Thailand on her garden of flowers at Banban by successfully planting 70 kinds of orchids and 40 kinds of flamingo along with a variety of other tropical flowers that grow which flower hunters search high and low to find.

Some of the orchids remind the traveller of those along the departure walkway of Thailand International Airport.

The committed florist says she is lucky to have been married to a committed husband with similar interests in flowers, who has helped her plant her garden of flowers since the regular sales of her flowers bring a generous income of at least Vt50,000 to her family a month. In fact her flowers are selling like hot cakes.

Asked to say how she has managed to raise so many different kinds of flowers, she explains, “I have been planting flowers since I was fifteen. When I come across a flower that I do not have, I buy it at any price that the owner gives.

“I must thank my husband for his commitment in helping me with the flowers. We both know that our flowers are valuable since through the sales of flowers, we have successfully purchased three plots of land for our three adult children who are now married and live independent lives”.

Her advice to both girls and women is to plant flowers. “I’ve been involved in planting flowers since I was 15, and now looking back, I am glad to confirm that it is a project that is fulfilling since it has become a full-time job with an attractive sales aspect to it”, she says.

“While it has its expenses such as buying new types of flowers and new flower pots, when it comes to selling the flowers, your expenses become minimal compared to your earnings”.

Now a grandmother of 12 grandchildren, she encourages other florists not to be greedy with their flowers. “If you see a flower that you do not have, negotiate with the owner to exchange flowers with you. In this way if your new flower does not grow, you can always go back to him or her and ask for the same flower or another one. This is how I have built my garden of flowers”, she says.

A flower she insists, gives hope and new life to a woman or man.

She is already planning to organise a new product for tourists to visit her garden of flowers and is hoping to get her beautiful grandchildren to become tour guides.

Another florist who is present during the interview adds, “I agree with Mrs. Avock that flowers provide hope and positivity to people who are worn out after work. Encourage your husband to walk through your garden of flowers after work or in the morning on his way to work. Trust me, there’s magic in flowers”.

Call the florist on 7766678 for more information.