When asked to over 200 children attending Amelveth school situated in North East of Malekula – “Do you think it is okay to beat women and girls?”, they all replied, “No, it is not okay to beat women and girls”. Amelveth school has been implementing Just Play programme since 2012.

“I have been running Just Play programme in my School for about 4 years now and I can see lots of positive changes with our children,” said Mrs Willien Sarisets, a primary teacher at Amelveth school.

One of The Social Responsibility Department of Vanuatu Football Federation (VFF)’s objective for 2018 is to continue and develop awareness on the #ENDviolence campaign towards women and children.

Since last Wednesday, the VFF #ENDviolence advocacy programme has been in Malekula running football clinics and awareness to the children and football spectators during the National Super League (NSL) pool games. The VFF advocacy programme team is currently in Santo to organise awareness workshop during NSL pool games in Luuganville and also visiting view Just Play schools and communities in Santo rural.

“At first I was a little bit shy to speak to boys and men about ending violence towards women and children and for respecting women and girls, but I feel confident and happy to speak up for women and girls,” said Miss. Emilia Taravaki, football gold medalist of Vanuatu Mini games.

“I like being here and sharing my passion with the children,” said Miss Daina Kalopong, Vanuatu Mini games Football gold medalist. Last September, the VFF Social Responsibility department signed an agreement with the French Olympic Committee Volunteer and to work in developing VFF advocacy programme, and in building the capacity of the national players. The VFF #ENDviolence advocacy programme will end on Thursday, 29 November in Luganville and will resume in 2019.

The #ENDviolence advocacy programme is implemented in Vanuatu by VFF and its MAs. It is supported by Oceania Football Confederation (OFC) with the support of the Australian Government,the New Zealand Goverment, UEFA Foundation and UNICEF.