The Chairman of the Vanuatu Christian Council (VCC), Pastor Alan Nafuki, has spoken out on the issues of crimes, incest, indecent assaults, murder that have been reported in the Daily Post Newspaper issues over the past months and weeks.

He also commented on the recent Kranki Kona published by the Daily Post with a caption that says: “I’m so glad we live in such a Christian country”.

Pr Nafuki has blame foreign influences that they say have created bad image on Vanuatu as a Christian country and as well a nation with unique and rich cultural and traditional ways of life that are no longer respected because of bad foreign ways of life.

He says the government needs to review all imported goods and materials that are considered detrimental to both spiritual and physical health and life of Christians in Vanuatu.

The VCC chairman questions why every governments of Vanuatu continue to allow things that only lead to affect the life of young people of this country to continue pouring into Vanuatu. He questions the imports of alcohol, imported videos, cigarette, marijuana, access to internet, face book, prostitution, lack of discipline in homes, allowing night clubs and bars to operate, certain ways of dressings, rejecting church and Christian principles. He questions whether governments want Vanuatu to be built on true Christian principles as stated in the country’s motto ‘In God We Stand’ or allow such foreign influences to tarnish the country’s motto and ruin the lives of Christians in this country.

He suggests that the government should look at stricter control on alcohol policies, saying alcohol has linked directly to violence. He added that it is had for Ni-Vans to control their alcoholic in take that has, to an extend contribute crimes of all sorts in the past and even today, he says. He says the country needs stricter polices on alcohol especially for Ni-Vans.

This, he says also applies to nigh clubs and bars.

He says, it does not mean that Vanuatu should introduce total ban on alcohol, but policies to control Ni-Vanuatu especially with access to alcohol. He even asks if the health authorities should come out publicly and explain in what way alcohol is good for human health. This is also in excessive consumption of kava, and marijuana.

“The community itself needs to convey extremely strong and clear standards against violence,” he says. He says there should be strategies or ways that brings together law enforcement and community groups that would clearly signal the major legal and community consequences of violence and the community should offer social services and other forms of help.

“The community itself needs to convey extremely strong and clear standards against the violence which should be a form of informal policing that comes from within someone’s community,” says Pastor Alan Nafuki.

“Freedom stands for something greater than just the right to act however one choose as it also stands for securing to everyone an equal opportunity for life, liberty (freedom), and the pursuit of happiness. O most reasonable people, freedom means more than just’ free to do whatever you want or want to do,” says Pastor Nafuki.

“I also wish to call on all churches’ leaders to play greater roles, standing shoulder to shoulder with the Governments, the Chiefs, Women and Youth and community leaders in reducing and eliminating crimes of all forms in Port Vila and Vanuatu,” says the VCC Chairman.

He concluded by stating that: “The cartoon in the Kranki Kona that was published in the Daily Post, is making a mockery of Christian Faith in in this country when you are standing on the country’s motto ‘In God We Stand’, while ignoring the direct effect and impact of so much foreign influences like a cancer that eats into the life of the Christians of this country which someone choose to ignore and instead blames Christianity for these bad foreign imports and influences”.

He believes there are avenues that can be explored through joint efforts by the Government, the Churches, the Chiefs and other interested partners and Government agencies to control, reduce and eliminate such crimes in the country, but strongly recommends that the Government and its agencies review all policies in what should or should nor be allowed into the country.