The Member of Parliament for Tanna, MP Andrew Napuat, has raised concern over an article in local media last Saturday which featured a “transgender” ni-Vanuatu under the ‘Vanuatu Life & Style’ publication.

In a statement he said Vanuatu’s Christian Principles and Melanesian Cultural values must always be respected.

He added that the article is contrary to the founding principles of this nation of Vanuatu and its motto ‘In God We Stand’, as well as contrary to the “plan of God for a man and a woman”.

He stated: “When God created Adam who is a man in his image, God brought to him a woman, the Bible says male and female, he created them, not another man according to a Biblical verses in Genesis 1: 27 and 28.

“So God created man in His own image; in the image of God He created him; male and female He created them then God blessed them, and God said to them, “Be fruitful and multiply”.

“So the will of God in a relationship is between a man and a woman to fulfil the divine plan of God as according to the scriptures. We cannot change this to say man and man or woman and woman.”

The member of parliament is questioning if the women of Vanuatu, as a Christian nation, are accepting such publicity that any transgender woman is a sister to them.

“What about the view of the Government, the churches, the chiefs, even the youth leaders of today, they need to make their stands clear, if they do or do not support the issue I am raising,” MP Napuat questioned,” Napuat said.

He said the article was directly degrading firstly the status of Vanuatu women, “God’s principles of His plan of human life from the time of His (God’s) creation”.

He called on all Vanuatu community leaders to condemn such life and style.

“It would be far better for the local media to promote real ni-Vanuatu women who have been successful such as doctors, lawyers, pilots, accountants, managers, businesses, politicians, and in many other professions across the board, get their success stories, inspirations and messages to the younger generation and the generation to come,” the young politician, urged.

“I have a duty to my people, the people of this country as a Member of Parliament to raise this concern today, because if we recall, nearly all past Head of States or Presidents including the late President Baldwin and the new current President Tallis, have all come out publicly at one time or another to state that Vanuatu needs God-fearing men and women in parliament.

“Furthermore, I wish to state that I will take this matter up in Parliament. The Vanuatu Government must do something about this,” MP Andrew Napuat continued.

“The message that was carried in the article which says, you do not have to live your life according to societal expectations, is a disaster to the building of this nation.

“The reason we have societal expectations, order and the rule of law is so that citizens do not live freely like they wish to do anything they want.

“We must respect the societal expectations, the orders that make us unique to other parts of the world.”

Napuat said the article has not contributed to the building of a society but was “disrespectful, and detrimental to what this nation is founded upon.

Another MP, South Malekula’s MP, John Sala, supported the concern raised by MP Andrew Napuat.