don-ken-MP-vanuatu-domestic-violenceA former Member of Parliament will appear before the Magistrate Court on the October 28 for plea over alleged domestic violence under the Family Protection Act of 2008.

Don Ken who was formerly an MP and state minister from Malekula Constituency, assaulted his de facto partner on September 16.

The victim sustained many injuries, according to the Court.

After the assault Mr. Ken was detained by the Police and bail bond was issued to him Monday this week.

On Monday the Magistrate Court released Mr. Ken on bail conditions.

The magistrate court heard Mr. Ken Massing on behalf of the State and Anna Sarisets on behalf of the defendant (Don Ken), each presenting their contradicting views of incarceration on bail of this defendant.

“I have persuaded each of their submissions and is of the view that the only issues are whether or not the defendant would not appear in court hearing and whether or not the defendant will reoffend”, the Magistrate declared.

The Court took into account a custom ceremony performed by the defendant on September 19, 2020.

The bail conditions imposed goes as follow: The defendant must no leave Efate until furhter orders of the court; the defendant must not reoffend; the defendant must not approach the complainant at a radius of 100 meters; the defendant must not communicate with the complainant directly or indirectly; the defendant must appear in the Magistrate Court in Port Vila, Efate, on 28 October 2020 at 9am for Plea.

If the defendant breaches any of these conditions, he will be arrested and detained until final adjudication of this matter.

The Magistrate Court will reconvene for the second hearing of the matter for plea on October 28.