Shoppers and vendors literally
invaded the Freshwota 4 main street from Saturday morning until 12 midnight as the community held its first flea market.

Stalls were set up on the main street stretching from Freshwota School to the road towards Beverly Hills. An electric mix of items were on sale from goods to delicious food and clothes to attract customers.

Admiring the flow of people walking past rows of stalls, the Chairman of the Freshwota 4 Council of Chiefs, Alick George Noel, said the idea of organising the flea market was to stir up a feeling of being part of community; to unite everyone; women, men, youth and the old in something they can feel they are part of.


“Starting from this year, the Freshwota 4 flea market will become an annual event.

“I must say that it has become a concern for us (Freshwota 4 community) when we see our youth drinking every weekend.

“Flea market is something more important that they could be engaged in. Therefore, while we are announcing it will be organised annually, they (the youth) must prepare for next year.

“This is part of economic independence and we cannot always wait on help from the government,” said Chairman Noel. READ MORE