ActionAid in partnership with the Department of Women’s Affairs has been implementing the Gel Pawa program in Malapoa College and Vila Central School, supported by DFAT. This is a message from the Director of the Department of Women’s Affairs, Dorosday Kenneth Watson:

Gel Pawa provides a safe space for girls to explore the issues they face every day, and empowers them to understand their rights and related national legislation. A key focus of the program is building girls leadership and self‐confidence to engage within and outside of the school setting.

The idea behind this edition of Life and Style is to allow the girls to express themselves freely and openly about things that matter to them. They chose their own topics and selected the medium that best reflected what they wanted to talk about. These pieces are their perspectives and understanding of things and issues they experience in their own lives, in their own voices.

I hope you enjoy this month’s Life and Style magazine featuring stories from the Gel Pawa girls.  The ownership of what we want for the future must be inclusive of everyone, and the road to achieving this equality is long and hard but we cannot shy away. We all need to listen to the younger generation to break down barriers to “Inspire Change” for everyone.

To read your copy of Gel Pawa, download it here: Gel-Pawa-Life-Style-mag


ActionAid Vanuatu and the Department of Women’s Affairs would like to acknowledge Joanita Meltebury and Irene Abbock from Sista magazine for their support in compiling the articles in this month’s edition Life and Style. We would like to thank as well Principal Alex, Acting Principal Shem, Ms. Fiona, Ms Juliet, Ms. Aileen and Ms. Christine for their solidarity, and the Ministry of Education, Curriculum Department Unit, and Vanuatu Daily Post for their support of the Gel Pawa program. Finally we would like to thank DFAT for funding the program and the students from Malapoa College and Vila Central School for their contributions and for being the centre of the Gel Pawa movement.