The Australian charity group – ‘GIVHANS’ visited the Pikinini Ward at Vila Central Hospital (VCH) to donate curtains and aprons to brighten up the kids’ corner yesterday but after stepping into the Maternity Ward they felt like that they had to do more.

President of GIVHANS, Tracey Johnson, bluntly stated that the maternity ward was putrid and disgusting.

“This is the most vulnerable place women are, they are pregnant, they are about to deliver the most precious thing on this earth and it is unhygienic,” she said.

Mrs Johnson called on the youth of the country to help clean the hospital after she notice a rotten ceiling in the women’s bathroom riddled with holes as well.

Secretary and Co-Founder, Rosalind Nossiter, who accompanied Mrs Johnson on her little trip around the maternity ward mentioned that they had a clean-up campaign scheduled but was postponed after the Erakor incident.

“There is a group on facebook called Hospital Helpers in Vanuatu and we are trying to encourage them to come in and do a few hour’s work.

“There are a lot of unemployment here, you could have work teams here to clean up the hospital,” Mrs Nossiter suggested.

Medical Superintendent of VCH Dr Trevor Cullwick applauded the notion of a clean-up campaign and further stated that the hospital would appreciate it. READ MORE