Telecom Vanuatu Limited (TVL) and the Wan Smolbag Yut Senta are set to make Street Dance Battle an annual event to help reduce street crime among young people in Port Vila.

The government, through the Minister of Internal Affairs, Alfred Maoh, has welcomed the announcement.

It is important the activity is conducted to stop youth involving in street crime happening a lot lately in Port Vila, the minister said.

Street crime refers to any criminal offense in a public area like murder, theft and assault. It includes vandalism to public properties.

An example of vandalism can be found at Fatumauru Bay in Port Vila. There are garbage all over the place and names written on the new seats installed as part of the Vanuatu Tourism Infrastructure Project.

Members of the public have shared concerns about the lack of respect shown to development happening in the area.

Street crime is a common challenge in the pacific, said Minister Maoh.

“Such activities inspires youth with skills in dancing to take pride and make use of their talent to become responsible citizens of the country.

“Sending people to jail and making them pay fine for committing crime still does not ease the problem.

“There are a lot of good sites for street dancing. Apart from boosting skills, people can also dance for health and fitness, the minister responsible for internal affairs was speaking during the first ever Youth Street Dance Battle in Port Vila last Friday.

He applauded TVL for getting youth to stay out of problems. READ MORE