The Government is looking at assisting the people of Waluwebue on Ambae relocate after the devastating flash flood.

Manager of Operations at the National Disaster Management Office (NDMO), Peter Korisa, confirmed this.

It is likely the entire village will relocate.

Almost all houses in the village were destroyed. Everything in the village was swept away, leaving behind a few remains of concrete buildings.

So far, the government, with the support of partners such as Red Cross Vanuatu and Save the Children, has been supporting the PENAMA Provincial Government Council (PPGC) to help the victims recover.

A fund has been allocated to the province to use to address needs, said Korisa

According to Korisa, the flash-flooding is likely the worst flash flood to have occurred in Waluewbue village and on the island as well.

“Some years ago, the government also responded to a similar flood in south Santo,said Korisa.

“A mudflow that claimed several lives.

“The impact of the event on Ambae was significant seen on the debris or sediments, rocks, logs and trees deposited in the village .

“Luckily, the entire village escaped.”