Case analysis by Chief Justice, Vincent Lunabek has shown that the rate of guilt at the specific charge level for the charge of Unlawful Sexual Intercourse, a guilty verdict was found in 66% of the time.

Starting in 2015 the court has recorded 3,500 specific criminal charges, roughly two charges per case on average.

“Of these charges, just over 2,300 were for matters newly registered in 2016,” the Chief Justice said during the opening of the 2017 judicial year.

“We also know that for these 3,500 charges, approximately 2,100 individuals were presented to the Court, with males accounting for over 90%. During 2017, we will extend our data capture to ensure we have the age/date of birth for all accused, and also the victim(s),” he added.

According to court analysis, Offences against Morality (which includes Unlawful Sexual Intercourse), these charges have a very low rate of withdrawal.

More data is allowing a better analysis as a result of the introduction of the Court Management System.

With the management system, Lunabek said the court is able to better manage case-load, and have a very detailed picture of filings/registrations, disposals, and importantly pending workload. READ MORE