My daughter Alice is nearly two years old. I broke up with her father a few months ago because he wasn’t treating me good and he was seeing other girls when he was driving his family’s bus.

I ran away to Erakor where my family lives after my father and my baby’s father got into a fight over the way he was treating me. Our families separated us and we agreed that Alice would live with me.

It wasn’t even one month that we had separated that he was begging to see Alice. We didn’t really want him to see her because of what he is like, but he kept on ringing and texting, so I agreed that he could take her for a couple of days.

On Wednesday 21st September, he picked Alice up. I was supposed to get her back on Friday but it was Sabbath, so I postponed it until Monday.

When I went to pick her up on Monday 26th September, no one was at their house in Pango. My friend saw me and asked, ‘Yu go lo wea?’ I told her, ‘Mi go karem gel blong mi.’ She told me, ‘Oh sorri. Hemi go lo Santo finis.’


I couldn’t believe it. I went to go see his sister at work and she confirmed that on the morning of Saturay 24th September, they flew to Santo. I started crying. When I saw my mum and dad and told them what happened, the tears couldn’t stop flowing for days. I really thought he was going to bring her back.

I feel so sad but can only just imagine what my little girl is feeling. She must be wondering where I am. It’s been three months now. I hope that she hasn’t forgotten me. I hope they aren’t encouraging her to forget me. I miss her so much.

I know that his family was involved in buying the ticket and arranging the whole thing. My baby’s Dad has no money so who else could have helped him?

Afterwards, my friend took me to the police, who told me to go the Vanuatu Women’s Centre where I made a report. They advised me to buy an open ticket in case the police find her. I went on a bus and came to the airport to get her a ticket. Now I have made a report and I have an open ticket, all the paperwork is done – it’s just a matter of the police finding her.

I really want my baby back.

I have not heard from the father of my baby. I tried to call him but he doesn’t pick up. Once I rang him on a private number and I asked him when he’s bringing Alice back. He didn’t say anything and just hung up on me.

I can only guess that he is living with his sister who is married to a man from a Malekula. I don’t even know where they live in Santo. I am so worried that he will take her to another island and it will be even harder to find her.

I feel so lost – how can I make him bring her back? I hope she is okay and that he is taking care of her. I miss my baby girl so much and just want her to come back home to me.

Leipakoa Roy has filed an Exparte Order for Domestic Violence Protection against the father of her baby, Ronald Tari, Ambae. The court orders Mr. Tari to refrain from engaging or threatening Ms. Roy and her family with acts of violence.

It also orders Mr. Tari to not approach Ms. Roy at her place of residence, work or any place and to restrain from approaching her while under the influence of kava, alcohol or drugs.

While these orders are in force, Mr. Tari is to return their daughter to the custody of Ms. Roy in Efate and the police are to assist in removing their daughter from his family’s residence in Santo.

The court order will be reviewed today, Thursday 10th November, at the Magistrate’s Court.

If anyone has information on the whereabouts of Alice Tari, please call the police on 22222 or the free emergency phone number on 111.