The Ministry of Health through its superiors is currently addressing the issue involving a nurse at the Vila Central Hospital (VCH) Eye clinic who has been accused of asking sex from a female patient.

Confirming that the nurse concerned continue to work, a source within the ministry said they are treating the case seriously and are following the normal process to proceed with complaints lodged against the staff concerned.

The nurse concerned will have to respond to the disciplinary board and the board will submit the report to the higher authorities where a decision should be made.

According to the source, the nurse concerned is still working but not in isolation, another staff is working with him.

“I want to make this clear that any arising issues involving the Health staff, the superiors would be treating it seriously in accordance with the standards and practices binding them.

“These medical professionals have  work ethics. Therefore in such circumstances, we would address it professionally. Hospitals are places where we treat and care for sick people. We do not want to cause fear amongst them.

“Should we are encountered with such incidents in the future, please lodge formal complaint to the authorities concerned. If the case is serious, file a case with the police.”

Meanwhile, Medical Superintendent, Dr. Tony Harry said that while a complaint has been lodged against the VCH staff, he understood the suspect has also filed a police report against those who bashed him at his workplace.